A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle using several different sources of energy to move.

The "Electrically-Assisted-Pedal-Cycles" is already a hybrid vehicle!

Prius motor

Hybrid vehicle, generally, is the combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor.

Operating Principle

The general principle is to combine one (or two) electric motor (often reversible generator) with an engine to move a vehicle.

Example: Drivers of PRIUS

The principle of operation greatly simplified:

1 When the vehicle is stationary, both engines are shut down;

2 On startup, it is the electric motor that ensures the movement of the car up to a speed of about 25 km / h;

3 If a higher speed is reached or a strong acceleration is required, the combustion engine takes over;

6 In case of strong acceleration, both engines operate simultaneously, allowing a higher power solely engine;

8 In decelerating and braking, kinetic energy is absorbed by the electric motor to recharge the batteries ensuring the engine brake and relieving the mechanical brakes.

Watch the video the animation and explain on a copy, what are the different kind of hybrid and how they work.

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