With the earth's supply of fossil fuels perpetually declining, new and exciting energy systems are being designed to exploit sustainable resources.

Each year the global population is increasing at an exponential rate, creating a ravenous demand for energy. Fossil fuels cannot sustain this and it is forcing governments across the globe to re-evaluate how they are going to provide power for the future generations.

Luckily, right now numerous systems are being designed and developed worldwide to address this issue, demonstrating novel and creative methods of exploiting the renewable resources with which Earth is privileged.

Harnessing the power of sunlight, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat, these technologies are slowly repositioning the balance of power away from finite resources and towards sustainable ones, mitigating long-held fears over a world post-oil and delivering power generation on a domestic as well as industrial level. Take a closer look at one of them : Solar Power.

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