The members of the high school life council decide to create a rooftop. You're in charge to make it.

Download the Revit File.

I. Requirement : You have to create 

    • a space of solar panels
    • a cafeteria
    • a space dedicated for sport
    • a space of exposition for the student's works
    • a relaxing space
    • A space dedicated to nature (garden, trees...)

II. How to place a component ?

Do "Composant" and "modifier le type" to choose. Be careful of the level of the floor (Niveau 4).

III. How to create a wall ?

Modify it (height, color...) in "Contraintes". Be careful of the level of the floor (Niveau 4).

IV. How to put a picture on a suface ?

Do "Insérer" - "Vignettes"

In "Types de vignettes", load your pictures. After do "Placer une vignette" on your surface.

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