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The forest becomes insane


Robin the rabbit

John the boar


In the woods.

Story script :

Voice-over:                 Like every morning, Robin the rabbit gambols across the woods to bring something to eat for his family. Suddenly, John the boar appears.

The boar appears, the rabbits stops.

John the boar:            Hello little rabbit, what are you doing?

Voice-over:                 Robin doesn’t seem very reassured in full view of this weird boar.

Robin the rabbit:        Hello mister the boar, I’m gambolling across the woods to bring something to eat for my family.

John the boar:            Oh you can follow me. I know a place which is perfect for a rabbit like you. Come on!

The boar turns around 5 times and take off.

Voice-over:                 And then John the boar begins to turn very fast like a merry-go-round and take off like a space rocket.

Robin the rabbit:        ???

                                  Oh my god!!!

                                  What did I just see???

Voice-over:                 Robin can’t believe it!!

Robin the rabbit:        Is that a magic boar?

Voice-over:                 It’s not the first time that the forest has become insane. Obviously, something magical dominates the woods and Robin wants to know more about it.

The rabbit begins to search the boar.

Robin the rabbit:        HEY HO MISTER THE BOAR!!! WHERE ARE YOU?

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