1. Study of the app.

With the help of the teachers, understand the algorithm and complete the values in the report.

2. Launch the program: Build - App (Provide QR code for .apk)

3. Calibration

       a. Acceleration

What is the interest to calibrate your acceleration sensor ?

The acceleration sensor needs to detect the motion of the arm during the eating but it mustn't detect short vibrations usually done during a meal like conversation...

How to do ?

Shake the smartphone to check if the motion is detected. If "Yes" is displayed on the screen, a motion has been detected.

Adjust the slide to have a good threshold

b. Define the time between two mouthfuls.

By eating a piece of cake (it's a hard work today !), define a reasonable time that someone must take to eat a mouthful.Realize several measures to estimate it ( Really hard !)

Use the second slide to regulate this value.

3. Experimentation : Eat a new piece of cake.

      • Weight the mass of the piece and write it on your smartphone.
      • Begin to eat.
      • Verify that the app works.

4. Report and conclusion

Fill in the report and conclude on the interest of technology to help personal health.

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